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AAS National Harbor Conference

Four Physics students presented posters at the American Astronomical Meeting held at National Harbor, Maryland, from Jan 6th-10th, 2014. Dr. Paul Wiita was accompanied by four seniors to the annual AAS meeting where all presented posters. Mitchell Revalski and Dawid Nowak presented work they did with Dr. Wiita last summer on “Investigating Active Galactic Nuclei Variability using Combined Multi-Quater Kepler Data” and “Analysis of Quasar Variability Using Kepler Quarters 14, 15 and 16 Data”. They took part in the College’s Mentored Undergraduate Summer Experience (MUSE). Victoria Calafut presented the results of her Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) work on “Simulating a Non-Gaussian Cosmic Microwave Background Sky” and Will Rhodes presented his REU work on “Cross-Correlation Functions of Galaxies with Grouped and Isolated Quasars in Sloan Digital Sky Survey, Data Release 10”. Victoria was at Cornell University last summer, working with Dr. Rachel Bean and Will was at the Maria Mitchell Observatory, working with Dr. Michael West. Dr. Wiita presented work done with two of his collaborators from India on “Diffuse Radio Emission around Fanaroff-Riley II Sources as Exemplified by 3C 452”. After the meeting, they went to the Air & Space Museum Annex where Dawid, Mitchell and Victoria posed with the SR-71 Blackbird.