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Dr. Daniel Capic

Daniel Capic

Research Interests and Opportunities

Dr. Capic is a theoretical condensed matter physicist. His research involves the study of skyrmions,  which are quasiparticles that can appear in magnetic systems. Skyrmions have a non-trivial topology, as they appear as defects in the ferromagnetic order, which otherwise prefers the alignment of all magnetic spins in one direction. Skyrmions have a strong potential for computing applications since they can exist at the nanoscale, are easily created and manipulated, and are topologically protected. In addition to studying skyrmions and their properties, he is also interested in other topological quasiparticles that exist in magnetic systems, such as antiskyrmions and Hopfions.

Teaching Interests

Dr. Capic earned his PhD in theoretical condensed matter physics from the CUNY Graduate Center. While still a graduate student, he taught introductory physics courses at Lehman College. His current teaching interests are introductory physics courses and determining how to tailor them to a general undergraduate audience. He is interested in teaching courses focusing on magnetism in condensed matter systems in the near future.