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Physics and Doctor of Medicine, BS/MD

New Jersey Medical School (NJMS) and TCNJ have a formal articulation agreement that allows incoming freshman applicants to be accepted to the medical school and TCNJ and earn both the baccalaureate from TCNJ and the MD degree from NJMS in seven years.

» Seven-Year Medical Program Details

The Undergraduate Bulletin contains the official list of major requirements. However, students will meet all their requirements by completing the major requirements listed below, meeting the department’s retention and GPA requirements, and completing TCNJ’s College Core requirements. Below are additional program documents and other information about the major. For more information, please contact your advisor or the department chair.

Core Courses (7.5 units)

  • PHY 099
  • PHY 203
  • PHY 204
  • PHY 299
  • PHY 306
  • PHY 321
  • PHY 356
  • PHY 401
  • PHY 421

Physics Options (5.0 units)

Students complete an additional 5 course units by taking courses of their choosing. Each of these courses must be 200-level or higher, and at least one course must contain a lab component.

Capstone Course (1.0 unit)

All students must complete PHY 451 or PHY 493 as their Capstone Course during their junior or senior year.

Correlate Courses (8.0 units)

  • MAT 127
  • MAT 128
  • CHE 201
  • CHE 202
  • CHE 331
  • CHE 332
  • BIO 185
  • BIO 231

Additional Documents:


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