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Dr. Shannon Graham

Shannon Graham


Research Interests and Opportunities

My research interests include: 1) studying how the Earth’s crust deforms in response to the earthquake cycle, 2) modeling slow slip events (SSEs) and their potential to trigger large earthquakes, 3) determining how stuck megathrust faults are and how that may change through time, 4) volcanic deformation modeling and hazard assessment, and 4) advancing current techniques for investigating crustal deformation in both model representation and data analysis. The goals of my research are to better understand seismic and aseismic processes and the causes of crustal deformation, as well as to improve geologic hazard assessment for local communities. To accomplish these goals, I use high-precision GPS and seismic data to constrain computer-based models of plate boundaries at both the regional and global scale.

Current research opportunities include studying seismic hazard for the Mexico subduction zone on an NSF funded grant. There are summer research opportunities for 2021 and 2022. For more information, click here to visit my web page.


Teaching Interests

I currently teach Introduction to Geology (PHY120) and Advanced Geology (PHY220). My teaching interests include geophysics, geologic hazards, tectonics, environmental sustainability, digital signal processing, and computer-based modeling for STEM fields. In all of my classes I strive to foster a learning environment that encourages curiosity, promotes discussion, and engages students in the course material with the use of current research, recent geologic events, and student-led research/projects.