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Dr. Lauranne Lanz

Lauranne Lanz

Research Interests and Opportunities

Dr. Lanz researches the evolution of galaxies, particularly their evolution from a state where they are actively growing and forming new stars to a quiescent state where growth has stopped. She is particularly interested in the role played in this transition by activity of their supermassive black hole. She uses both ground and space telescopes to observe different aspects of galaxies in order to investigate the physics of the evolution of galaxies. Students working with Dr. Lanz have mapped gas being driven away by a supermassive black hole in X-rays, used our research telescope to observe a planet around another star, simulated X-ray spectra for large variety of active supermassive black holes, and measured the brightness of galaxies as seen by a variety of telescopes. Her research has primarily been funded by NASA, which sometimes includes funding for student researchers over the summer. She has two such positions available for Summer 2021.

Teaching Interests

Dr. Lanz is currently teaching an introductory course of the solar system as well as an upper-level astronomy course. She is interested in including the practice of research via projects in her courses as well as experience with naked-eye and telescope observing.