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Study Abroad

TCNJ Physics has established a study abroad exchange program with the Physics and Nanotechnology Departments at La Trobe University, which is located in a suburb of Melbourn, Australia. Our majors would typically go there for one term and take 3 or 4 physics or nanotech courses that would be counted as equivalent to TCNJ courses. Please see the course descriptions here.

In May 2013, Dr. David McGee, Professor of Physics at TCNJ, led 12 TCNJ students — majoring in chemistry, physics, English, biology, and psychology — to Germany for two weeks, where they explored the birthplace of atomic physics and learned about the historic strife scientists experienced during that time. This course, PHY 370 – Science in Early 20th Century Germany – The Birth of Atomic Physics and the Rise of Uncertainty (1 Unit), will be offered again in May 2016, and will fulfill a liberal learning requirement. Click here for more information.