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Physics Department Committees

2023–2024 Membership

Curriculum Committee

Manages: Program and course content, structure, scaffolding, and learning goals.
Chair: Dr. Capece
Members: all Physics Faculty
Student members: Emily Harms, Skyler Keyek, Angela Surace

Environment and Culture (E+C) Committee

Manages: Student belonging, diversity, equity, and inclusivity work, training & workshops, and department events.
Chair: Dr. MacDonald
Vice-Chair: Dr. Richards
Members: Ms. Chamberlain, Dr. Graham, Dr. Lanz
Student members: Angela Enriquez, Marbeth Torres, Kayla Wason

Recruitment and Outreach (REACH) Committee

Manages: Open house staffing and organization, admissions, and local outreach.
Chair: Dr. Magee
Vice-Chair: Dr. Lanz
Members: Dr. Graham, Dr. MacDonald, Dr. Nguyen
Student members: Liam DaSilva, Michael Pedowitz

Colloquium and COSA Committee

Manages: Speaker scheduling & advertisement and organizes student research presentations.
Chair: Dr. Wick
Vice-Chair: Dr. Ochoa
Members: Dr. McGee, Dr. Richards
Student member: Dan Patterson

Facilities Committee

Manages: Facilities and equipment repairs and improvements; liaisons with access control, safety officers, and janitorial.
Chair: Dr. Nguyen
Vice-Chair: Dr. Magee
Members: Ms. Chamberlain, Dr. McGee, Mr. Zrada
Student member: Nick Calabrese, Sam Ehret

Student Success Committee

Manages: Advising structure, student awards & scholarships, and industry partners.
Chair: Dr. Capece
Vice-Chair: Dr. Richards
Members: Dr. Magee, Dr. Nesh, Dr. Ochoa


Physics Department
Science Complex, Room P123
The College of New Jersey
P.O. Box 7718
2000 Pennington Rd.
Ewing, NJ 08628


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