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Physics Registration FAQ for Spring 2018

Physics Registration FAQ for Spring 2018

We receive a large volume of email during the course registration period, and we have created this webpage to help with frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Please contact the department office at  if the answer to your question is not provided on this page.


Special information for students interested in Phy 201/202-  If you can’t get into either of these courses, see Laurel Leonard (Assistant Dean of the School of Science) in P107 and ask to fill out a waitlist form.  At the end of the registration period, we will move students off of the waitlist into any available seats.

 Why can’t I get into PHY 103? 

Physical, Earth and Space Science (PHY 103) is reserved for Elementary Education majors.  


Why can’t I get into PHY 120? 

This introductory Geology course fills quickly and if you are not a senior or a rising sophomore Civil Engineer you may have to wait to take it.  You can also satisfy your liberal learning Natural Science with Lab requirement with PHY 171 or PHY 162/163.  We do not keep a wait list for PHY 120.