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Registration FAQ for Physics Majors

The following is general advice and information for Physics majors who are planning their courses each semester:

  • Meet with your Physics faculty advisor prior to registration.
  • PAWS does NOT always accurately reflect your Physics graduation requirements. Double-check your requirements with your advisor to make sure you are on the right track.
  • When applicable, use your course selection material from your PHY 099 seminar.
  • ALWAYS check your TCNJ e-mail and make sure you aren’t missing any correspondence from the Physics department.
  • The best way to meet your graduation requirements is to use the one-page planner that your Physics advisor provides.

One-Page Planner for Physics (Entered 2018 or Earlier)

One-Page Planner for Physics (Entered 2019 or Later)

One-Page Planner for Physics Secondary Education

Students and their advisors should be maintaining this one-page planner throughout the entirety of the student’s college career at TCNJ so that the student has a “roadmap” to see what they need to take to maintain their progress to graduation.

Please note: ALL Physics majors MUST complete at least one lab course (i.e. PHY 220, 311, 345, 411) as a graduation requirement. Students can view the upper-level course schedule here.

Capstone requirement for Physics majors:  All Physics majors must complete PHY 451 as their capstone course, and the prerequisite for PHY 451 is at least one lab course (i.e. PHY 220, 311, 345, 411).  Note that PHY 393/493 cannot be used to count as a lab course, nor can it be used as a prerequisite for PHY 451.  Therefore, Physics majors should normally take their lab course requirement in any of the following semesters:  Spring- sophomore, Fall or Spring- junior, Fall-senior.