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New Jersey Physics Teacher Advisory Group (NJ-PTAG)
Meetings and Resources Page (under construction)


Summer 2020 STEP-UP Participant Demonstrations

Demo 1: Spoon and Fork

Demo 2: Falling Water

Demo 3: Static Water

Online Teaching Resources for Physics Teachers

Online Teaching Resources

Meeting 1, June 2018

Waves and resonance: Pan-flute calculate and build-it

Meeting 2, October 2018

Magnetic fields and forces: homopolar motor build-it
Teacher EM demo presenters: Jim Ferrara, Craig Halpern,

Meeting 3, June 2019

Teacher Presenter 1: CarriEve Horna [Hula hoop fields; Cell phone “egg drop”]
Teacher Presenter 2: Matt Holsten [Equation Discovery Stations]
Group Compilation of Physics Web Applets:

Meeting 4, October 2019

  • Spreadsheet Modeling: Michael McConnell, Spreadsheet Lab Manual LLC
    Block Schedule Lesson Planning: Craig Halpern [Teacher, Ewing H.S.]
    New Teacher Advisory Roundtable Discussion