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New Jersey Physics Teacher Advisory Group (NJ-PTAG)

The New Jersey Physics Teacher Advisory Group (NJ-PTAG) is an initiative of TCNJ’s NSF-funded Robert Noyce Physics Teacher Education Scholarship Program.  This regional network for physics teachers serves to promote new collaborations, an exchange of physics-teaching ideas, and opportunities to mentor and support early-career physics teachers.  Membership – which is FREE – is open to all practicing high school physics teachers and mentors in the region, prospective physics teachers at TCNJ and other NJ colleges, and physics teacher education faculty at TCNJ and other NJ colleges.  For additional information, please contact Melissa Chessler at

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NJ-PTAG Meetings

Over 40 current and future physics educators have attended each of our NJ-PTAG meetings.  We plan to hold meetings twice per year, usually in the Physics and Math Building at TCNJ.

Meeting Dates and Agendas

NJ-PTAG Resources Page

This page includes links to websites of 3 types:

  • Online physics demos/lessons/resources
  • Teaching online — General ideas/information
  • Free tools for online teaching

Feedback on these websites is welcome as well as suggestions of additional resources that should be added to the list.

Online Teaching Resources for Physics Teachers

NJ-PTAG Google Group

The New Jersey Physics Teacher Advisory Group (NJ-PTAG) has initiated a Google Group for sharing physics teaching resources and ideas, and to offer a place to seek suggestions from fellow physics instructors as questions arise.
Follow this link to request to join the group:!forum/nj-ptag-group/join]
Or, contact Melissa Chessler at


Summer STEP-UP Program

NJ-PTAG members have provided invaluable assistance with our Summer STEP-UP Program by hosting classroom observations and demonstrations as well as by providing guidance to our STEP-UP participants.  “STEP-UP” refers to TCNJ’s Summer Teaching Exploration Program for Undergraduate Physics. This is a 3-week program designed to give students an opportunity to experience how exciting and rewarding a career in physics education can be.

Throughout the program, TCNJ student participants:

  • Receive training and experience in physics teaching techniques from expert instructors
  • Visit real high school physics classrooms to perform demos and engage students in tutoring and extra help activities
  • Learn about physics teaching career opportunities and network with professionals
  • Discuss the latest scientific research papers exploring how students learn physics

Our Summer 2020 STEP-UP program was unique in that it took on a virtual format that allowed NJ-PTAG members to “attend” STEP-UP participants’ final project presentations and provide feedback during a Zoom call.  The presentations are shared below; feedback on the demos can still be offered through the NJ-PTAG Google Group.

Demo 1: Spoon and Fork

Demo 2: Falling Water

Demo 3: Static Water