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TCNJ Physics Professor’s Research on Volcanic Subduction Zones Garners International Recognition

TCNJ Physics Professor’s Research on Volcanic Subduction Zones Garners International Recognition

Dr. R Shane McGary, Assistant Professor of Physics at TCNJ (and former postdoctoral researcher at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute), along with several colleagues recently published a paper in the prestigious journal Nature.

Professor McGary’s research on the geophysical substructure below the active volcano Mount Rainier provides a detailed understanding of how volcanic magma develops and flows.  This ground-breaking study has the potential to help predict volcanic eruptions.   Links to the full research paper and several news stories are outlined below.

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Image of the Earth under Mt. Rainier (red triangle). The blue arc (lower left) is old oceanic crust. Magma forms 50 miles below the surface (A) and migrates upward (B) to a reservoir near Rainier (C). Fluids that escaped from the crust higher up (D) join the magma chamber. (R. Shane McGary)

View the Full Paper in Nature

Sample News Coverage:

Congratulations Class of 2014!

The Department of Physics congratulates it’s 2014 graduates! A record 31 students received their BS degrees between December 2013 and August 2014, with the great majority of them attending the departmental ceremony on May 15th, along with the faculty and their proud families.Continue Reading

TCNJ Physics Students Study In Germany

Senior physics students Raha Ghassemi and Cory Leahy are spending the second half of their Spring 2014 semester with Prof. David McGee at the University of Applied Sciences (Beuth Hochschule für Technik) in Berlin, Germany. They are taking classes in Medical Imaging and Applied Holography. The Medical Imaging class involves studies in X-ray, MRI, and ultrasonic techniques,…Continue Reading

2014 Physics Picnic

The Physics Department annual picnic was held at Rosedale Park on April 30th, 2014, immediately following the Celebration of Student Achievement. Despite the non-perfect weather, a large group of majors, several faculty and staff, and even a few alumni, came out to enjoy both the food and the games.Continue Reading

Women in Science

Five Physics majors, Marianna Caruso-Gilbert, Raha Ghassemi, Sanaa Mansoor, Kellie Olear and Ariel Omiunu attended the Conference of Undergraduate Women in Physics held from January 16-19th at Stony Brook University. Click here for more information.Continue Reading

Dr. Beth Cunningham, Head of the Americans Association of Physics Teachers, to Speak on March 20th

Dr. Cunningham, AAPT Executive Officer will talk about  “Building Better (and More) Physics Educators” on Thursday March 20th at 11:30 AM in SCP-117. The abstract of her presentation is: The American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) has as its mission to enhance the understanding and appreciation of physics through teaching. One of the primary activities…Continue Reading

AAS National Harbor Conference

Four Physics students presented posters at the American Astronomical Meeting held at National Harbor, Maryland, from Jan 6th-10th, 2014. Dr. Paul Wiita was accompanied by four seniors to the annual AAS meeting where all presented posters. Mitchell Revalski and Dawid Nowak presented work they did with Dr. Wiita last summer on “Investigating Active Galactic Nuclei…Continue Reading

Volleyball Game 2013: Freshman vs. Uppercalssmen

Continuing a fall tradition, Physics freshmen played several volleyball games, among themselves and against several upperclassmen and a couple of brave faculty members.  All the games were close but the final freshman team can bask in their victory over the “rest of physics” team.Continue Reading