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Robert Noyce Physics Teacher Education Program at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ)

A warm welcome to the attendees of the first virtual New Jersey Science Convention!

Please take some time to learn about the Robert Noyce Physics Teacher Education Program at TCNJ and the benefits it offers future and current physics teachers.  You are probably already aware of the critical shortage of highly qualified physics teachers in high school classrooms.  With the help of a grant of over a million dollars from the National Science Foundation’s Robert Noyce Teacher Education Scholarship Program, TCNJ is continuing to build on its success in certifying highly-qualified, new physics teacher graduates by providing financial and mentoring support to aspiring physics teachers.  In addition, our program offers many opportunities for current physics teachers to network with colleagues, exchange physics-teaching ideas and mentor and support early-career physics teachers.

Current physics teachers:  Please take a look at what we offer through the New Jersey Physics Teacher Advisory Group (NJ-PTAG) and consider joining our efforts. (It’s all free!)

NJ-PTAG Events & Resources

If you know a student who aspires to become a physics teacher:  Please share information with them about our Physics/Secondary Education Program and the benefits of joining our Robert Noyce Teacher Education Scholarship Program community!

Noyce Physics Teacher Scholarship Program

The National Science Foundation has recognized The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) as an institution that is particularly qualified to offer the training and support needed to enable future PHYSICS teachers to achieve success in their classrooms.  TCNJ offers many benefits to students pursuing their physics teacher certification.

TCNJ Physics/Secondary Education dual majors benefit immeasurably from:

Being part of a community that includes:

– Over 30 physics/secondary education students

– Over 90 physics majors in total (including physics/secondary education majors)

– 10 accomplished and accessible physics faculty who take the time to get to know their students

– Over 30 local physics teachers, including many TCNJ alumni, who offer support, guidance and classroom experiences for pre-service teachers through the NJ Physics Teacher Advisory Group

Being part of a program that offers:

– 95% graduation rates

– Small class sizes that promote engagement in learning and interaction with faculty

– Abundant opportunities for students to actively engage in research

– Individualized advising and support from faculty

– 1st class lab facilities (including 2 state–of-the-art observatories, a digital planetarium, and nano-scale microscopy)

– A high level of camaraderie with informal access to physics faculty and students on a regular, ongoing basis (e.g., Physics lounge, “Tea Time”)

– A renowned school of education with options to complete an integrated 5-year master’s degree program (saving time and tuition)

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